I’m an avid reader (my wife refers to it as a fetish) and I frequently get asked what book(s) I’m currently reading or which magazines I subscribe to.  I typically try to read a book a month, with several magazines weekly.  So, similar to a blog roll, here is my publications roll..

Currently Reading:

Recent Books:

Magazine Subcriptions:

  • Advanced Trading
  • PRO
  • Baseline
  • Big Idea
  • Business 2.0
  • Business Integration Journal
  • Call Center Magazine
  • CIO Insight
  • CODE magazine
  • ComputerWorld
  • Dr. Dobbs
  • Economist
  • ExtremeTech
  • eWeek
  • Fast Company
  • Forbes
  • Fortune
  • Info World
  • Information Week
  • Innovations
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Money Magazine
  • MSDN
  • Network Computing
  • Network Magazine
  • Office Solutions
  • Optimize
  • R&D Magazine
  • Red Herring
  • Sales & Marketing Management
  • SQL Server Magazine
  • TechNet
  • The Architecture Journal
  • WallStreet & Technology
  • Wired

Yes, I know, it’s a little overwhelming.  Try keeping up with them all.  Aspiring technologists take warning, building your skills is one part, staying current is a whole other story.

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