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Gadget of the week

The Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector – Small enough to fit in your pocket, bright enough to use for small presentations ~ powered by your iPhone!

The Optoma Pico is the smallest projector you’ve ever seen!  Its compact size and durability make it a must have for travel and on-the-spot presentations.  Reviews are fairly mixed, ideal use would be in low-light, which is rather obvious, but could be an interesting option to evaluate if you travel frequently or find yourself giving lots of impromtu presentations (showing off the new whiz-bang iTunes/YouTube video on your iPhone?) or just watching a movie on the back of a seat on the airplane – not to mention giving presentations at a trade show.

Connects To:

* iPod, iPhone & iTouch with included bundled connection kit
* Camcorders, DV-Cams and Digital Cameras enabled with standard composite AV Out with included composite cable
* DVD Players and other video players enable with standard composite AV Out with included composite cable
Note: This configuration does not connect to notebook computers, PC’s PDAs, cell phones or other devices unless the device has composite output. Please make sure to consult your device’s owner’s manual.


* Easily share photos and videos from mobile devices
* Project images on any surface
* Ultra-light at 4 ounces including battery
* Image size up to 60 inches
* Vivid 1000:1 contrast ratio
* DLP Pico technology
* LED light source lasts over 20,000 hours
* Recharge battery conveniently via USB or included AC power adaptor

Future Midwest

In response to a horrible piece by Dateline last night regarding Detroit, I wanted to share a positive look into our city, via a very well-made video: put together by FutureMidwest.

I attended FutureMidwest last week (a 2 day conference held in Royal Oak) which is helping to raise awareness, educate and push innovation in our area.

For those looking for new opportunities, another site you might want to check out is:

If you have an idea, or desire to contribute to your own “startup” I highly encourage you to check them out – it’s an [aggressive] process that has been growing nationally, and this is the Detroit flavor.

Naturally, there are more traditional ways to starting your own business, but this could be a fun way for you to get exposure, experiment and maybe even learn something??

Hope to see you there!?