Monthly Archives: April 2009

Tatango TV – Live Casting

Startup finds interesting way to do self-promotion, broadcasts their office live via the web:

Jury is still out on how effective this will be, initial interest has spiked, but criticism has begun to surface around value of experience, many have sited, there isn’t much “action” going on.. and the startup-story isn’t exactly jumping off the screen.

Either way, check it out – to me startups always provide something of value, even if only for a couple moments.. 🙂


TechNow 09 Recap

If you missed the TechNow 09 event last night at the Royal Oak Music Theatre you can recap most the action here:

Congrats to bablur, shopFiber, Leftos, and uwemp. Nice job organizing the event and pulling together the MI tech community, a great panel and group of sponsors.  Let’s keep the innovation cycle going!!

Social Media BootCamp – Session #4

Joel Comm, author of Twitter Power has been publishing a series of social media sessions, covering facebook, linkedIn, youTube and of course Twitter.  Joel has partnered with industry gurus in each respective segment, including: Mari Smith, Lewis Howes, Perry Belcher and Carrie Wilkerson.

If you missed them, you can find them here: