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LifeHacker Pack 2010  feature hundreds of different downloads every year at Lifehacker. If all you want is the best of the best, look no further than their annual Lifehacker Pack: One download that installs only their favorite, must-have Windows applications in a few clicks.

Download the Lifehacker Pack 2010

They divided up the Lifehacker Pack into two sections this year—the “Essentials” and the “Extended.” Each is just what they sound like—the Essentials is just what you need to make a modern Windows system usable, and “Extended” adds a lot of apps and functionality that not everybody needs, but some folks may find incredibly helpful.

Want to quickly and automatically install the apps they’re recommending? Head to Ninite bundle, then click the link at the top to “Select All Essential Apps.” Don’t need one or more of the apps included? Un-check the box next to each item you’d remove. You can then hit “Select All Extended Apps” in the second section, and do the same kind of cherry-picking of additions and removals.

You can read their full post with details about each included application here: