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E2Detroit – Oct 8th

E2 is an information-packed event, designed to inspire and offer pragmatic assistance to small business leaders and entrepreneurs. It will take place on October 8th, at Wayne State University, in downtown Detroit.

In addition to provocative keynotes by David Brandon, CEO of Domino’s Pizza, and Mary Ellen Sheets, Founder and CEO of Two Men and A Truck, some of the day’s practical and educational workshops will focus on:

  • Michigan Resources: Familiarize and Utilize to Maximize…The Success of Your Business
  • The CEO Skillset: Taking It to the Next Level
  • The Legal Expert: Protecting Your Business and Its Intellectual Property
  • The Art of Sourcing Capital: The Do’s and Don’ts
  • and many more!

Of the 756,487 Michigan businesses cataloged by the U.S. Small Business Administration, 89% can be classified as “small business” (self-employed people, limited partnerships, and companies with less than 10 employees). Michigan’s economic health and well-being is, therefore, vitally dependent on the success of this extremely important segment. This has propelled the E2detroit 2008 team (organizers, sponsors, speakers and executive faculty) to dedicate themselves to the revitalization of Michigan’s economy through strengthening entrepreneurship.

In today’s competitive environment, success comes from being extraordinary.
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