Gadget of the week

The Optoma EP-PK-101 PICO Pocket Projector – Small enough to fit in your pocket, bright enough to use for small presentations ~ powered by your iPhone!

The Optoma Pico is the smallest projector you’ve ever seen!  Its compact size and durability make it a must have for travel and on-the-spot presentations.  Reviews are fairly mixed, ideal use would be in low-light, which is rather obvious, but could be an interesting option to evaluate if you travel frequently or find yourself giving lots of impromtu presentations (showing off the new whiz-bang iTunes/YouTube video on your iPhone?) or just watching a movie on the back of a seat on the airplane – not to mention giving presentations at a trade show.

Connects To:

* iPod, iPhone & iTouch with included bundled connection kit
* Camcorders, DV-Cams and Digital Cameras enabled with standard composite AV Out with included composite cable
* DVD Players and other video players enable with standard composite AV Out with included composite cable
Note: This configuration does not connect to notebook computers, PC’s PDAs, cell phones or other devices unless the device has composite output. Please make sure to consult your device’s owner’s manual.


* Easily share photos and videos from mobile devices
* Project images on any surface
* Ultra-light at 4 ounces including battery
* Image size up to 60 inches
* Vivid 1000:1 contrast ratio
* DLP Pico technology
* LED light source lasts over 20,000 hours
* Recharge battery conveniently via USB or included AC power adaptor

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