SQL 2008 Deprecated Features

This is a quick tip to show you how to list the SQL Server 2008 deprecated features and how to tell if they are still being used in any of your databases.

A deprecated feature is one that will not be supported in a future version of SQL Server.

These old features can still be used, but you need to start modifying code now to ease the transition when you upgrade.

The list of deprecated features can be viewed in Books Online, where they are divided into those due to be removed in the next version, and those that will removed after that.

Microsoft have added a Performance Counter object to enable use of these features to be tracked, but using perfmon is not the most convenient way of doing it. Luckily, you can query a DMV:

select instance_name, cntr_value from sys.dm_os_performance_counters where [object_name] like ‘%Deprecated%’ and cntr_value > 0

This will return all SQL Server 2008 deprecated features that have been used since the last service restart, together the number of occurrences.


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