Twitter and Micro-blogging

Twitter has already had a huge impact on blogging in general.  Commonly referred to as micro-blogging, it has wide-reaching affects on the blogsphere, everything from traditional “blog” posts to shifting media consumption, to what Robert Scoble refers to as the “real time web.”  With Twitter, real-time updates almost trump blogging, which (compared to twitter) has become a more formal medium for exchanging commentary, and thus takes more time.

Twitter is such a hot topic today, it’s hard for anybody to really ignore it, whether you choose to participate in it or not, it presents a similar [watershed] movement that further pushes the online conversational boundaries.  Messaging, as it appears is far from dead.  Email, however, in some circles has resorted to communications for the elderly, non-technical, or sun-setters. crazy i know.

Over at Mashable, Rachel Cunliffe posted a blog about 10 ways Twitter with change Blog design in 2009, which if you’re a blogger, you may want to check out.  Below are a few more [mashable] links to help get you up to speed on Twitter, if you’re not already bonging the cool-aid:


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  1. Also enjoy reading “The client is beautiful implementation of how microblogging could (and perhaps should) work for businesses”, at ReadWriteWeb Blog here ”

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