CodeMash 2009 – underway..

I just arrived at Kalahari – driving like a mad man out of Detroit to beat the “ice storm” – i felt like those guys you see on tv chasing storms, only I was trying to outrun one, and effectively did.  I made it in record time < 2 hours (again).  That said, i did nearly slide thru the intersection trying to turn in, so roads are getting bad out there.

After checking in, I made my way down to the registration area to see some familiar faces, Brian and Jim helping distribute badges and programs, just before 10pm.  Bumped into a few others, like Patrick of Pillar on my way to the room – everyone seems excited to be here, including me.  A quick glance of the program and a personal challenge on the back of my mind.  Lots of great content here, unlike my fact-finding mission around Agile last year, this time around I’m looking to roll up my sleeves and get back to coding!  Am most excited about iPhone development, starting with Chris Adamson’s iPhone development 101 session in the morning at the “precompiler” (day before the actual conference.)

Currently, I’m a total newbie to mac (*nix) development, so this should be interesting. I downloaded the iPhone SDK last night and started combing over the help docs, have yet to even fire up xCode, Apples development IDE, and I’m starting to feel like a non-techie, overwhelmed by a new wave of acronyms, completely outside of my domain expertise – but what the hell, that’s what codeMash is all about!   With any luck, or if I follow along properly, I should have a “useful, running iPhone application” by this time tomorrow.  Sounds too good to be true! 🙂

Other topics of interest include RIAs, (rich internet applications) including silverlight, and flex.  Ruby folks always have something interesting to say, but I’m not sure how much time I’m going to devote to it this time around, as I’m hoping to get up to speed on a few other subjects, such as  TDD (test driven development),  functional programming, Azure, VS 2010, and .net 4; oh, and I’m always looking to dive deeper into Agile and want to check out lean guru Mary Poppendieck.  Keynotes and Panel discussion tomorrow night also sound good.

So much content, so little time..  CodeMash does a good job balancing session tracks with break out rooms, “un-conference” formats and lots of social opportunities, movie night (dark knight @ 9:30) and even stuff for the kids (kidz mash) – and as always, it will be great to catchup with others, learning about the new and exciting things they’re working on and what challenges they may have around the corner.  Going to be an exhaustive couple of days..

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