Google “Chrome” Browser leaked

Google announced their very own browser project called Google Chrome — an announcement in the form of a comic book drawn by Scott McCloud.  Google says Google Chrome will be open source, include a new JavaScript virtual machine, include the Google Gears add-on by default, and put the tabs above the address bar (not below), among other things. While Google provided the URL there’s nothing up there yet. The official Google Blog recently posted “A fresh take on the browser.”

In effect, this move is a blow aimed squarly at Redmond. It will be Netscape vs. Internet Explorer all over again. Except that instead of two giants fighting it out, it will be Microsoft against everyone else. And when everyone else happens to be giants in their own right, Microsoft’s prospects will start looking rather grim. Especially given the solid work already done by FireFox, Opera, and Safari.  Rumors also have it Microsoft stopped developing IE nearly 8 years ago (upgrades aimed at standards-compliance not withstanding.)


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