Notes from GSP, day 2 – OpenSocial

David / open social session #2 (day 2)

 – what was previously perceived as outter boundries (within tech) are coming to fruition.�
 – things we used to think were “stretches” are now being realized.
 – cloud computing/saas/utility computing – what exactly is it?
 – “cloud” is next wave of computing paradigm�
 – The Big Switch (book) re-wiring the world, from edision to google.  Social App devs get it; this book is for everybody else

 – concepts, techniques now becoming available, mainstream users aren’t yet aware.
 – social cloud is about getting the computer out of the way, so that people can be more productive

 – PEOPLE are the killer app of the web.�
 – break down communication barriers

*If you’re looking for some background reading on this concept, I’d recommend two books that have helped to set the stage for todays social landscape.  They are The Clue Train Manifesto and Robert Scobles, Naked Conversations, in that order.

 – there are still problems left to solve
 – fragmented authentication
 – password mgt
 – openID, not yet there, but heading in the right direction
 – fragmented identity
 – who am i connected to
 – will the site spam my friends?
 – provide apps to break down barriers, connect with people
 – people care about other people
 – people is the next killer app
OpenSocial’s Goal
  – make the social web better
  – do what ever you want, on any site
  – any app, any site, any friends
  – if you can build a web app, you can make it social and reach 200 million users. period.

 Open social in 60 seconds
    1.) invent it, come up with a good idea (for people & make it good 😉
    2.) build it
    – html & javascript
    – new JS apis (who am i, who i know, what i do)
    3.) run it
    – on any social site that implements the api

What did google learn?
  – launched at campfire event in  november.  who is there/who can benefit:
  – babo, friendster, hi5, myspace, ning, orkut, plaxo – “classic” social(izing) networks
  – business networking: Viadeo, linkedIn
  – comunities: hobby sites, interest groups, marketing networks
  – enterprise software: oracle, salesforce

  – the above groups have collective interests
  – open source is idea
  – Shindig (in the apache incubator)
  – thank you Brian McCallister (Ning)

  Need to get right
  – clear mission
  – open license
  – engaged community
  – real-world use

  Interesting benefits
   – add value to existing communities
   – drive more adoption
   – increase engagement

 Next Steps
  – Build Apps –
  – Contribute to ShinDig –
  – Grow the Spec –

Per Tim O’Reilly, we’re in the early stages of defining the web operating system.


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