Notes from GSP, day 2 – MDP

Day 2 @ Graphing Social Patterns picks up with a more developer-centric track.  Below are my notes from the first session. 

MySpace – developer platform (MDP) technology overview.

Ecosystem history
  • Youtube
  • Photobucket
  • Slide
  • rockYou

 Developer platform APIs

 3 flavors:

  1. openSocial API
       javascript/html for embedded applications APIs
       mySpace full support for openSocial, currently support v.06
       mySpace-specific extensions
        – bulletings
        – additional attributes for bands, etc. 
  2.   Rest APIs
       server-server communication
       Oath authentication
       -data availaiblity and portability
  3.   Flash

 Platform surfaces
  – Profile Surface
  – Canvas surface
  – user homepage surface
   – powerful, user-specific surface
  – application gallery
  – applicaiton profile

 Security, pricacy and safety
  – apps will go thru a safety review process before going live
  – governed by same privacy controls in place for members
  – new tech to ensure app saftey
  – caja – myspace and google joint javascript sanitizer
  – proprietary myspace technology (can’t discuss)

 Aimed to balance virality and user experience
  – ensure a clean application experience
  – long-term approach to growth and distribution
  – no spammy growth
  – initially aplication will be able to initative the workflow for sending messages on a 1:1 basis
  – restrictive early on, slowly increase communication channels

  Q: when is it available?
  A: a few weeks ago (feb 5th) able to share apps with 5 people currently.
In Summary
Development platfrom essentially in a pilot stage.  Intent is to offer flat distribution model to discourage large apps from dominating initially.  The playing field is currently level for all devs, should you want to build here. 


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