Where are the new MacBook Pros?

I’m in the market for a new laptop, and have been following Macs closely since they began sporting Intel processors.  My Toshiba Tecra/tablet is in need of an upgrade, while it still works nicely for casual use, I tend to push the envelope a bit, mult-tasking and running several development IDEs.  I puchased the laptop back in late 2005, pre-Vista; even with a faster hard-drive and more Ram, she still falls a bit short for my needs.  I’d really love to see a quad-core cpu in the new MacBook Pros, like the announcement recently made for the Mac Pro (G5’s) with dual, quad cores!

From what I gather, the MacBook Pro is ripe for makeover, latest rumors predict an LED screen in the 17″ models, multi-touch (as found in the new macBook air) and penryn processors.  Last release of the macBook pro dates back to June of 2007.

I fully expect to begin using the new Mac OS (v10.5 Leopard) for typical desktop tasks, but am still tied to Vista due to Visual Studio.  I also plan to install Ubantu, for a triple boot power-house.  If only Apple would annouce the availability of the new macBook Pros!!


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