Keeping Lists

I came across this list and thought it was pretty good, its from Ian Schrager, who’s probably the closest thing to a rock star within the hospitality industry – overseeing properties like the Royalton in New York and Miami’s Delano.

  • Make Lists – In addition to his blackberry and cell phone, he keeps a yellow legal pad, black markers, yellow highlighter and to make things pop, and red pens to indicate somethings important.  he makes a list of things to do each sunday, with longer term lists as well.
  • Change Your Number – Ian keeps his email/phone private, only giving it to personal networks and required staff.  Once email/phone gets abused, he changes it.
  • Cut back on meetings – he always questions whether a meeting is still necessary.  Sometimes the structure gets set, and its hard to remove because we’re creatures of habit.
  • Leave your Desk – try not to get absorbed by administrative detail, accept where necessary.  The busier you get, the further you stray from doing the things you really love to do.
  • Watch Pop Culture – Ideas come from everywhere, things dont just happen.  The popularity of High School Musical was the outcome a manifestation of something going on in our culture.
  • Take Vacations – being effective is not so much about saving time as it is about staying focused.  That requires frequent vacations, maybe every six weeks.

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