Five Meals worth flying for?

My wife and I both enjoy fine dining.  When visiting Boston the many times while courting her, we frequently dined out.  Boston has a cool thing (new to me) called Restaurant Week.  During these 2-week periods, occuring in both the fall and spring I believe, high-end restaurants (and now due to the popularity, many others) run promotions; prefix menus, $20.20 for lunch, and $30.30 for dinner – encouraging patrons to experiment trying new restaurants – and we did (nearly each night).

While getting turned onto fine dining these past few years, (yes prior to meeting Laura, however she prefers to take the credit for introducing me to it) – Laura has introduced me to Relais & Chateaux ( which arguably features the worlds most luxurious hotels and gourmet restaurants.  We even treated ourselves to one for our honeymoon (, and now, we rarely visit a new place without referencing our handy Relais & Chateaux directory, which when cross-referenced with Zagats, pretty much depicts our travels. 

We’ve experimented with hotels and restaurants all over the country, many of which to date have been on the east coast.  Maybe I’ll write about some of them another time,  instead I wanted to reference a few I keep hearing about (one of which Laura has already visited) and are currently on our “to do” list, they are:

  • The Inn at Little Washington (Outside Washington D.C.)
  • The French Laundry (San Fransico, CA)
  • Inn at Blackberry Farm (Knoxville, TN)
  • Restaurant Arzak (Spain)
  • Restaurant Bras (France)

If anyone has been to these places, I’d love to hear about it!


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