2008 Tech IPO Watch

Whether its a slowdown or full-blown recession, most people agree we’re heading into choppy economic waters.  The question is then, which sectors and which companies are best positioned to weather the storm?  One answer is technology, especially companies that help their customers stretch a buck – including firms that run software-as-a-service (SaaS) models and ones that are pushing the limits with virtulaization technologies.  Companies in these categories offer customers the ability to do more with less, whether its people, money or both.

Technology companies have the advantage of no direct exposure to the housing market, and in most cases, a global marketplace for their warez.  So if the U.S. hits the skids, they can always focus their efforts on Asia or Europe.  Here’s a look at some tech companies likely to go public this year.

  • MySQL – is the leading open-source database company on the planet.  Its software might not have the bells and whistles of industry leaders Oracle or Microsoft, but it comes much cheaper.
  • Ingres – is also an open-source database vendor, like MySQL, but it focuses on larger companies that need more features.
  • ExactTarget – lets you create and manage e-mail marketing campaigns.
  • Parallels – virtualization software is giving VMwas a run for its money – may now be trying to capitalize on the success of VMware’s successful IPO.

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