World Golf Tour – gamings next killer app?

I’ve been hearing a few people quietly talking about a new game that completely consumes them, its a web-friendly golf game which may soon start appearing in offices all over the states. World Golf Tour combines three elements taht could prove irresistible to corporate slackers, 1.) it puts you on world-class golf courses in stunning, high-definition color, 2.) it streams the game through any garden-variety browser without an extra download (which means it sneaks thru firewalls easily), and 3.) you’ll be able to play with your pals – to meet up for a virtual foursome or play in a league – from your desktop.

Seems the highly addictive, multiplayer game is aimed squarely at the white-collar office worker, borrowing techniques from the insanely popular World of Warcraft.  I tried it this afternoon, its pretty slick.


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