Introducing Facebook Applications

At 9:30 I attended Matt Pizzimenti’s session on Facebook.  It was a indroduction, so much of the content I was semi-familiar with from previous discovery, but it was cool to see some new things, specifically implemented in ruby.  Matt started off with the registration process and went on to explain briefly key aspects of the API using REST.  The API then serves up XML (or optionally JSON).  Next up was authentication and more common method calls.  He went on to explain FBML, FBJS (still emerging), FQL, common libraries and “officially supported” languages, php/java (of course, as FB uses this internally), but un-officially ruby & python.  .net was not referenced, nor did i see it referenced much in my previous reviews, however i did find a few libraries (not officially supported by FB) floating around around on the web, one of which I’ve done some experimenting with (yet I can’t recall the name at time of writing) – damn reception cocktails 🙂

Overall I found the session very good, a follow up primer, but I enjoy seeing things presented a few different ways before I begin my own experimenting..hmm, do I smell an experimental project for Billhighway using ruby??  we’ll have to wait and see.


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