New Spaces – new Faces!

Billhighway has recently taken over some additional office space – to make room for our growing teams!  The past couple months have been exciting as we’ve wrapped up another successful year of growth.  In October we welcomed a new service center manager- Kimberly Ng, and a new marketing director Pam Okopny.  In November, Doug Fry came onboard as our new software development manager in charge of driving the evolution of our products forward.  In a short time, each has made significant contributions and am confident will help ensure yet another successful year in 2008!

Between the holiday, we hope to move our development group into the new office space, which adds quite a few more workstations, a conference room as well as a common area – complete with a wii!  The new “open” floorplan will permit roaming work areas with wifi for teams to collaborate, while also leaving additional space for continued growth on the team. 

We’re excited to get settled into our new space, and get our new, more Agile-friendly methods incorporated into our daily lives!


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