Let’s try this again..

Every year about this time I embark on establishing a few high-level goals for the upcoming year.  Looking back on 2007, I’m quite happy with how things unfolded.  We attended numerous events around the country promoting our services, technology and “platform” – leading to several trips out to San Fran and Palo Alto.  In fact, I managed to rack up about 22,000 miles, falling just short of silver elite status with NorthWorst.  shucks. 

I also finally committed myself to a public speaking course at a local college to brush up on my “stage presence”.  I then got married in July and took some time off to visit Bora Bora for our honeymoon.  Since then, the fall has brought plenty of opportunity to keep me busy, as I further try to strike that balance between work & life.

2008 brings a new chapter and one of my [many] goals is to start doing a better job sharing the “Billhighway” story – specifically with regard to my role as the CIO.  Our company has grown significantly the past 5 years I’ve been here, and we’re doing some pretty amazing things – why the heck aren’t we communicating it to the world, or at least within Michigan?  Most of us here know, our economic health is poor (at best) and there’s really only a few compelling things occurring in the media that point to a glimpse of hope for a turn-around.  One of which is reducing our dependency on the automotive sector by encouraging growth-oriented, entrepreneurial companies to seek out Michigan as a place to do business.  Well, that’s very interesting – Billhighway is already here!

  So that’s it – my goal is to start sharing in the trials and tribulations that occur around here on a regular basis.  Michigan isn’t used to a “Silicon Valley” mindset – and we’re out to change that, one suburban programmer at a time.  (Google’s recent presence in Birmingham and Ann Arbor doesn’t hurt either.)   Stay tuned, 2008 is surely going to excite!


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